Mayberry Farms

W2364 Cty Rd Y, Mayville, WI 53050

Phone 920-387-3696



Always check our daily update just prior to heading out. Some days early in the season we may get picked out. Sometimes early in the season we have to close for a day to allow the berries to ripen. This website is the best source for updates.

Sorry, but U-Pick strawberry fields do not accommodate baby strollers, walkers, or wheelchair's.

Children are permitted with adult supervision. For a good picking experience for everyone, it is highly recommended that if you are bringing younger children, 1 adult be with 1 child.
Before you head out remember that you will literally be out in a field on a hot summer day. Wear appropriate clothes and shoes. It's cooler in the early morning, but there may be a heavy dew. We have a good amount of straw in the aisles, but you can bring a small pad to kneel on.

Some days may have rain in the forecast. Lots of summer rains are scattered and brief. Also remember that just because it's raining where you live, does not always mean it's raining here.  We will close for severe weather warnings and lightning. 
Enter the farm on Hwy Y, 1 mile east of Mayville.

Follow the U-PIC signs out to the field. We do not pick in the same place every day. You will park close to the area we are picking that day. Sign in at the field stand. Picking containers are provided. These are called flats which holds about 10 to 12 pounds.


Our helpers will guide you to your picking spot and get you started. You be assigned an path to go down. There will be a yellow marker stake in the aisle where the previous person stopped picking, this is where you will start. You should stay in your path and pick all the ripe fruit on both sides of you as you work along the path. When you are finished picking, put the marker stake in the path where you stopped so we know where to start the next picker.

Go back to the field stand and have your berries weighed and priced. Please mention if you picked more than one container so we can get all your berries together.
Our field roads are set up for one way traffic, so it is important to follow the EXIT signs to leave the farm. Strawberries need to be taken care of promptly; do not leave them in a warm car for long.

Four Important field rules.

1. Stay in your assigned path. Do not step over plant rows. If you need to help another picker, please go back and then down that path.

2. If you bring a child along, please keep them with you. They may not roam the field.

3. No throwing Strawberries.

4. No pets are allowed on the grounds. If you must bring a pet, please be prepared to keep it in your vehicle.